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Guisi Clearwater Resort

Top 5 Beaches in Guimaras That You Should Visit

Guimaras Island is the right place for those who are longing for white powdery sand beaches and plenteous of nature. Guimaras is known for...
University of Mindanao Aerial View

Top 10 Schools in Davao That is Worth Checking Out

School is very important because it is one of the first stages of our lives. Schools help us get through life; it teaches us...
Bohol-Panglao International Aiport

Wonderful Bohol-Panglao International Aiport: Power of Bohol

This is the newest airport in Bohol Philippines. Located in Tiwala, Panglao, Bohol Philippines. Last November 27, 2018, officially opened in Panglao Island. The...
Philippines as a non-drinker

The Most Fun Places in the Philippines to Visit as a Nondrinker

For someone who struggles with drinking or alcoholism, taking a trip to a new place may cause someone to relapse because of the exciting,...
Pinetree Mountain

Pinetree Mountain Resort in Balamban Cebu

The Pinetree Mountain Resort is one of the newest attractions in Brgy. Gaas Balamban, Cebu. The view can be compared to a little Baguio....
Hanging Bridge Bohol

Amazing Round Bohol: An Island To Discover

One of the famous tourist destinations in the Philippines is Bohol. This province is known to the most popular destination Chocolate hills. There are...
Man-made forest Bohol

Man-Made Forest in Bohol

The Man-Made forest in Bohol is the first man-made forest in the Philippines. This is Boholanos hardship and protection from any storm will come....
ShipHaus Bohol

ShipHaus in Bohol: A Ship in The Land

A ShipHaus is one of the new tourist attractions local and international in Bohol. Located at Loay Interior Road, Batuan Bohol. The owner of...