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Tepanee Beach Resort

Tepanee Beach Resort: A Non-Flat Area

In the event that you need a retreat from your daily activities, go to Daanbantayan and be set up for an unwinding time at...
5 Reasons to Book a Trip With a Travel Agent

5 Reasons to Book a Trip with a Travel Agent

Why hire a travel agent when you can book an airline ticket, a cruise or even a tour yourself? Tell you what, agents are still...
Florentino's Little Tagaytay

Florentino’s Little Tagaytay of Cebu

Cebuano's! Listen up! Are you planning visit Tagaytay in Luzon but don't have time for long distance travel? Worry no more! Cebu now has...
Kalanggaman Island

Kalanggaman Island: An Island You’ll Want To Keep It Secret

Kalanggaman Island is located in Palompon, Leyte, a 3-hours ride by VAN from Tacloban City. The town of Palompon can also be reached from...
Buwakan ni Alejandra

Buwakan ni Alejandra: Another Sirao Flower Garden

After Sirao Flower Garden (Sirao Mini Amsterdam), the newest tourist destination that Cebuanos is crazy about. Buwakan ni Alejandra officially opens last May 08, 2017. Buwakan...
5 Things I Like About The Philippines

5 Things I Like About The Philippines

I am really not sure if I am the right person to blog about this because as a Filipina, there's a lot of advantages...
Quezon City Fisher Mall

Top 5 Malls in Quezon City

Do you want to relax and have a quick escape even if you're living in a city? Sure you do! We have to admit...
Top 10 Cebu Destination: Fort San Pedro

Top 10 Cebu Destination That You Should Visit

Are you planning to visit the Philippines? We have 7,641 islands to explore but I would recommend you to try Cebu as your first destination...