Colon Street is a historical street in downtown Cebu City that is often called the oldest and the shortest national road in the Philippines.

It is known by many Filipinos, (Including Filipino-Chinese merchants living in the city for business) as the oldest and the busiest historical street in the Philippines, Colon Street in Cebu, History said it was named after Cristóbal Colón, a common name in Spanish and Cristoforo Colombo in his Italian name. Christopher Columbus is an Italian explorer, navigator, colonizer and citizen of the Republic of Genoa.

At the end of Colon going to Parian, you will see this Monument, a heritage of Cebu. Aside from being the oldest street in the country, the street in Colon is also known as the shortest national road in the Philippines.

Colon Street Night Market
Colon Street Night Market

The Colon Night Market is a yearly event started way back in 2007 that turns the oldest into the busiest street in Cebu into a trading place during at night. Today, According to The Freeman, a local newspaper that there will be No night market along Colon imposed by the current Mayor Tommy Osmeña due to the congestion of heavy traffic in the streets.

Old Image of Colon Street way back in the year 1979
Old Image of Colon Street way back in the year 1979

Poor or rich, a lot of people come here every day looking for a bargain. If you’re looking for cheap goods this is the place for you to visit.

Overflowing with Vendors

  • Local Sidewalk Vendors
  • Stalls Selling Pirated Stuff
  • Stalls Selling Tempora (Fish Food)
  • Beggars

Below is the street view of Colon Street at night. It’s crowdy destination but fun to shop.

Travel Guide

When you go to Colon Street in Cebu, always be careful with your belongings especially with your gadgets because there is a lot of historical incidents of pickpockets get caught and some of them are Badjao street children who will try to snatch your jewelry particularly your gold earnings. They are all over the place mostly in the street near Gaisano Main Area In front of the University of the Visayas. It fully advisable not to wear your jewelry while in this Street of Colon.


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