J-Skeelz vs. Batas is one of the best Fliptop battles I've ever seen. Where he demolished Batas with his very solid lines.

Biography of J-Skeelz

“kaw Batas bastos parin nagpapakita ka nang bolbol sa audience kahit alam mo pinaghihigpit na ipinagbabawal.”

Battle Conclusion

The score in this match between J-Skeelz and Batas should be 5-0 in favor of J-Skeelz based on his overall performance including the audience impact and brutal delivery to the heavy lines he has thrown to Batas. Without a doubt, this is a landline victory for J-Skeelz. Fliptop battle judges are sometimes biased in favor of their bets. This will have a significant impact on future Fliptops battles.

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