Top 5 Budget-Friendly Hotels on Boracay Island
Your Guide to Wallet-Friendly Boracay Hotels

Guess what? The Philippines isn’t just one island or two – it’s a complete collection of 7,107 islands! Talk about a tropical jackpot, right? 🌴🏖️

Imagine the most beautiful beaches you can think of – that’s Boracay for you. And guess what? It’s snuggled up in Aklan province. And where’s Aklan? Right in the middle of the Philippines, on Panay Island.

Zooming in a bit, Boracay is a little paradise tucked away in Central Visayas. It’s like that hidden gem you’ve been dreaming of.

Oh, and before I forget! I’ve whipped up a list of 5 super affordable hotels on Boracay Island. So, if you’re up for a fantastic beachy getaway without emptying your pockets, I’ve got you covered.

Boracay at Night
Boracay at Night

Boracay Island comprises barangays of Man-Man., Balabag, and Yapak municipality of Malay, province of Aklan. The Philippine Tourism Authority and the provincial government of Aklan are the ones who take care of all the ins and outs of this island. And let’s not forget, Boracay isn’t just about those gorgeous white-sand beaches – it’s also known worldwide as one of the ultimate places to unwind and relax. Plus, it’s quickly climbing the charts as the top spot for serene tranquility and vibrant nightlife.

Boracay Island
Boracay is truly an island getaway paradise.

Boracay Has Everything

  • Scuba Diving
  • Diving Helmet
  • Snorkeling
  • Windsurfing
  • Waterboarding
  • Cliff Diving
  • Parasailing
  • Beach Relaxation
Boracay Taxi
Boracay’s primary mode of transportation is the Tricycle.

If by any chance you and your loved ones are planning to go to Boracay their primary mode of transportation is tricycle around this island. Here’s a list of 5 Cheap Hotels in Boracay.

Here are the 5 Cheap Hotels on Boracay Island

  1. Ambassador in Paradise Resort

    Ambassador in Paradise Resort
    Ambassador in Paradise Resort

    If your goal for Boracay is pure relaxation, the Ambassador Hotel is your jackpot! Imagine a delightful ambiance, stunning architecture, roomy accommodations, and the cherry on top – a super-friendly staff. Trust me, you are getting a lot of bang for your buck here.

    Hold on a sec, I can’t let you miss this – the rooms? They are like your personal kingdom with all the space you need, and that sea view? It is the cherry on your vacation cake! 🍰🌊 A peaceful, pleasant stay is practically guaranteed.

    Address: Station 1, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan
    Phone: (036) 288 1541

  2. Surfside Boracay Resort & Spa

    Surfside Boracay Resort & Spa
    Surfside Boracay Resort & Spa

    Nestled snugly along the stunning White Beach, Surfside provides a warm and cozy retreat. The beauty of this stretch of beach? You won’t find this beach swarmed by crowds – it is a true sanctuary.

    A lovely Japanese family owns and oversees this hotel and their staff. Super welcoming. But now, the pièce de résistance folks is the Junior Suite – hands down the finest room in the house. Think of your private sanctuary, complete with a personal terrace that practically begs you to soak up the sun on those comfy sunbeds. Pure relaxation at its best! 🌞🏖️

    Address: Boat Station 3, Right Beside 357 Boracay Resort Angol-Malay, White Beach Path, Boracay Island, Aklan

    Phone: (036) 288 3635

  3. Lingganay Boracay Hotel Resort

    Lingganay Hotel Resort

    The service staff at Lingganay Hotel? Oh-so-friendly and ready to assist. The penthouse – roomy, spotless, and decked out with top-notch furnishings. And oh boy, the location? Serene, and it is just perfect for a peaceful vacation.

    I had my family along for the ride, and we couldn’t get enough of the fantastic service, tidy rooms, the hotel’s easy-to-spot location, and the downright delicious food and drinks. Plus, let’s not forget it’s a stone’s throw away from Boracay Beach. The view? Picture-perfect.

    So, take it from me – I am waving the recommendation flag high for Lingganay Hotel. If you are in this neck of the woods, you are in for a treat! 🌅🏖️

    Address: Tulubhan, Manoc-Manoc, Malay, Boracay, 5608 Aklan
    Phone: (036) 288 5734

  4. The District Boracay

    The District Boracay

    The District Boracay Room

    This resort on the beach is just a 3-minute stroll away from Station 2, where you can hit up the shopping scene at D Mall. And if you’re wondering about distance, it’s around 8 kilometers via road and ferry from Caticlan Jetty Port.

    Enjoy Amenities:

        • Wi-Fi
        • Flat TVs
        • Rooms have Balconies or Terraces
        • Tea
        • Coffee Makers

    Start your day right with a breakfast buffet that is up for grabs at a laid-back restaurant and bar with a rooftop terrace. And guess what? If Italian treats tickle your taste buds, you’ll be thrilled to know there’s a beachfront spot ready to satisfy your cravings.

    But wait, there’s more! This place isn’t just about comfy rooms. We’re talking about a super stylish outdoor pool, a tempting hot tub, a fitness center to keep that energy up, and even soothing massage sessions to unwind.

    Now, let’s talk service – it’s like a warm hug from the staff, who are as friendly as can be. And the rooms? Oh, it’s not just about cleanliness – we’re talking about rooms that are practically a slice of paradise.

    And here’s the cherry on top: you can step right out onto the beach from this fantastic location. Yep, it’s that good. So, when making your list of hotel choices, don’t forget to pencil in this gem. Trust me, you won’t regret it! 🌞🏊‍♂️🏖️

    Address: Station 2 Barangay Balabag, Boracay Island, Malay, 5608 Aklan
    Phone: (02) 234 9058

  5. Henann Regency Resort & Spa

    Henann Regency Resort & Spa
    Henann Regency Resort & Spa

    Imagine a big hotel that’s practically a mini paradise – it’s got numerous pools, nightclubs, a handful of restaurants, and more.

    Hold onto your breakfast hats – their buffet is a real winner, boasting a lot of Filipino, Asian, and Western options.

    Now, picture this: spacious rooms that offer a breath of fresh air in terms of cleanliness. And yup, you guessed it right – the staff isn’t just friendly; they also go above and beyond to ensure your stay is comfortable.

    Ready for the clincher? My recommendation meter is off the charts for this one. Henann is your golden ticket to a fantastic Boracay stay. Don’t think twice – it’s a winner all the way! 🌴🍳🌞

    Address: Station 2 Balabag Boracay Island Malay, Boracay, 5608 Aklan
    Phone: (036) 288 6111

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