Sulpa Island
Sulpa Island is known for its shallow water and it's perfect destination for Snorkeling.

Sulpa Island is one of six Satellite Islets in Olango, Cebu. Sulpa is a little island without any residents yet has excellent seashells and other fish sellers originating from close-by islands around it. This island is privately owned and fees are collected by authorized local island personnel.

I get the first impression it is uninhabited and furthermore under the protection of the Philippine government. There were many nationalities coming here for island hopping, they are the Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese. I know Caohagan is owned by Sakiyama Katsuhiko, a Japanese national and I think the other islands around Olango may be owned also by foreign countries.

This island is perfect for snorkeling enthusiasts because of its several meters of shallow water from the shore with rough coral sand and rocky cliffs. One of the best destinations for you is heading to Olango and planning to visit the islands.

Other Things You Can Do in Sulpa Island

  • Canoe Boat Riding
  • Diving
  • Island Hopping
  • Snorkeling
  • Swimming

Experience crystal clear blue water and local hospitality if ever you will come to this place. However, the entrance is NOT free but I highly recommend coming here for first-time visitors to this island.

Six Satellite Islet in Olango

  1. Sulpa Island
  2. Nalusuan Island
  3. Gilutongan Island
  4. Caohagan Island
  5. Pangan-an
  6. Camungi

If you planning to an Island hopping, you can rent a boat from Olango and negotiate with the owner. Traveling to Sulpa Island is easy as possible. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Below is the Sulpa Islet Satellite Image from Google. The island is just so small that you can walk around in just one hour.

Have you been to this Sulpa Island? What is your personal experience? Please leave a comment down below!

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