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Pinetree Mountain

Pinetree Mountain Resort in Balamban Cebu

The Pinetree Mountain Resort is one of the newest attractions in Brgy. Gaas Balamban, Cebu. The view can be compared to a little Baguio....
Chosun Galbi Korean Restaurant Cebu

Top 5 Korean Restaurants in Cebu

There are lots of Korean restaurants here in the Philippines. This indicates that there are Korean citizens here or more Korean tourists are visiting...
Hanging Bridge Bohol

Amazing Round Bohol: An Island To Discover

One of the famous tourist destinations in the Philippines is Bohol. This province is known to the most popular destination Chocolate hills. There are...
Man-made forest Bohol

Man-Made Forest in Bohol

The Man-Made forest in Bohol is the first man-made forest in the Philippines. This is Boholanos hardship and protection from any storm will come....
ShipHaus Bohol

ShipHaus in Bohol: A Ship in The Land

A ShipHaus is one of the new tourist attractions local and international in Bohol. Located at Loay Interior Road, Batuan Bohol. The owner of...
Danao Adventure Park

Danao Adventure Park in Bohol

A Danao Adventure Park is also known as Eco, Educational and Extreme Adventure Tour. This extreme outdoor activities and seeking for thrill adventure I...
Panglao Beach Bohol

Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Bohol that You Should Never Miss

The Bohol is one of the regions in the Philippines. One of the most popular tourist destinations local and international. Tourism plays an increasing...
Larsian Cebu

5 Things To Do in Cebu at Night

Cebu - The busiest city in the Philippines that every traveler would love to visit and has remained to be the most visited places...